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Reliable and Knowledgable

Charlie was incredibly knowledgeable about the hot tub models we saw onsite. He was also very accommodating in refunding our check deposit when we learned our deck was too small to accommodate the models. I'd recommend Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio if you are considering purchasing a hot tub!

by Ralph & Debra Longmire on Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio
Best Hot Tub Company in Northern Virginia

Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio is by far the best such company in the Northern Virginia area. We purchased a tub from them in late October of 2013, and their staff was incredibly professional. They removed our old in-deck hot tub, replaced and reinforced the decking, and installed a new above-ground tub the same day. Also, their customer service is incredible, and their service technicians (such as Tim M.) are extremely/extremely professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. We cannot say enough good words about Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio!!!

by Kirby & Barbara on Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio

We purchased our spa, a Sundance Select Constance, the spring of 2015. Our shopping, through various spa stores, always brought us back to Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio, because the customer service, no pressure, knowledge of the Spa industry and how their spas stacked up against others, was top notch. When the spa arrived at Vienna Hot Tub, the coordination for delivery, installation, and service, was seamless, as was the installation and advice. The spa will have been on our deck for a year soon, and it has been a constant joy, ease of use, and care. Every time we go to the store for products, the customer service is superb. Thanks Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio

Superb Customer Service

Charlie and his folks are great to work with. We put a deposit down on a hot tub to go with a cabin we were buying. They were super helpful in making our selection. When the purchase of our cabin fell through, Charlie immediately refunded our deposit - no questions - no hassle. We will be back to Vienna Hot Tubs and Patio when we do get our cabin. Thanks guys!

Excellent service

We love our hot tub and the folks at Vienna hot tubs have been great. Very knowledgeable and helpful and great!

by Billy and Danielle Usilton on Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio
Excellent Customer Service

We had excellent customer service from the moment we walked through the doors. We were greeted by Dave and Charlie with a warm welcome. They both answered all of our questions and walked us through every step of our purchase. They offered a class that was very informative on how to take care of the hot tub which we highly recommend taking.

Excellent Service, Very Knowledgeable

From start to finish, the staff here is very helpful, patient and willing to answer any questions. They know their product and have a really positive attitude. After we purchased our hot tub, I had many questions which I called in to get answers. Every time I called, I got great customer service and answers to all of my questions. I'd recommend this shop to anyone considering the purchase of a hot tub/jacuzzi.

by bobbytiger on Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio
Unexpected bliss

When our 20 something Sundance died some years back, and the children had all grown and left the nest, we thought we would never purchase another hot tub. However years later, aches and pains ensued, and a down sized tub again entered our minds.
We went to Vienna Hot Tubs expecting to purchase another Sundance that had served us well for so many years. After looking at the selection of all of the 2-3 person tubs, we settled on the Tropical Seas Lanai, a previously unknown (to us) manufacturer. This compact unit has plenty of jets which hit all the right places. It takes up little space on our deck, and after 1 year of ownership, continues to do the trick.
While it is considered a 2 - 3 person unit, it really is a perfect tub for two people. Three people really would be a crowd.
We continue to purchase our supplies from Vienna Hot Tubs, and our relationship from start to this date, has always been a pleasant experience. I highly recommend their operation.

by Melody Zeigler on Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio
Terrific service

We did not buy our hot tub (a "Master Spa" brand) from Vienna Hot Tubs, but called for needed service. Their technician, Tim, called us back and walked us through what our problem/issue was, and we were able to fix it (an electrical issue) ourselves, thanks to his patience. We had tried to schedule a visit with several other companies, and many of them either didn't show up, or wouldn't return our call. Tim, and his boss Charlie, at Vienna Hot Tubs helped us solve our problem, and there was no charge. I was amazed by this great service and will use this company from now on for all products and issues related to our spa. Great service! Thanks!

by Anonymous on Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio
Awesome service!

We were impressed with Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio from the moment we walked into the door. They have a large showroom and Charlie was very knowledgeable and patiently answered our questions and helped us figure out the best match of hot tub, cover, and colors for us. Charlie went out of his way to communicate with the patio guy and electrician to make sure the hot tub was successfully installed, and even offered a great and educational "Hot Tub 101" class after the installation to help us learn how to manage the chemicals, etc. We're very happy we ordered from Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio, and would definitely recommend them to others! :]

by Anonymous on Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio
Outstanding Set-up and Post-Sale Service!

We purchased a Saratoga Adirondack Keene for our indoor sun room and we could not be happier. Charlie Hyink and his crew did a very careful job getting the tub into the house. We filled the tub and the next day Tim McNabb spent 30 minutes on the phone walking us through the setup, which actually is described quite nicely in the users' manual, but who reads those things? Good Job!

by Anonymous on Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio
Couldn't Be Happier

My wife and I knew nothing about hot tubs other than we enjoyed spending time in them anytime we were on vacation. So when we decided to add that same little luxury to our home life, we didn't really know what to look for. These guys made it really simple on us. Delivery, installation, and setup was prompt and outstanding but the follow-on assistance has been the huge benefit. Whenever we have a question, they are a phone call away. And I've found that when we follow their advice regarding the care and maintenance of our hot tub, things could not be easier. Now we just spend all of our time in our own backyard oasis, soaking, relaxing, and enjoying life.

by Anonymous on Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio
The Best in Greater DC

Owning and maintaining a tub involves maintenance, and Charlie and his team are there to answer and solve any challenge that could arise - and in a very pleasant and totally professional way! And no pressure whatsoever. They are personally connected to the top manufacturers in the county. In short, they really know their stuff. I have explored the cost of various replacement parts on the internet. Vienna beat everyone! They've earned and will keep my business. House call service tech Tim is very fast and friendly.
Two thumbs up.

by Anonymous on Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio
Highly Knowledgable

We wanted a hot tub, but knew nothing about them. As this store is close to my office, I went over there one day during lunch to start the learning curve of hot tubs. I was highly impressed with David's knowledge of all the brands out there. Over the following weeks, I peppered David and Charlie with numerous questions to compare brands, as this is a large purchase. At one point, I even brought in a brochure of a different brand from a different store and asked David to explain to me why I wouldn't want that specific model (which cost a few thousand less). These guys aren't reciting a sales program from a manufacturer to move inventory. They're explaining things. They're pointing you in the right direction for exactly what YOU want, based upon their own decades-long experience (both personally and professionally). At the end of the day, we purchased the Sundance Optima, and could not be happier! The whole process was flawless, including the installation and even a follow-up visit by the service tech to show me the errors of my ways with initially setting it up. We went to all of the stores in town before buying. I only walked out of one feeling like what I was told, was 110% straight down the middle with no incentive to sell me a hot tub. These guys are the real deal for a purchase of this magnitude. You'll be very happy you went to this store to buy your hot tub.

by Anonymous on Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio
They Know What They Are Doing

They installed mine last December. The hot tub (a Rio) is really nice, and the folks at Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio are pleasant. What I really liked, though, was the speed and precision with which they were able to (1) remove the old tub; (2) make adjustments to fit the new hot tub; and (3) install and finish the new tub. It was particularly challenging because of the tight space and lack of maneuvering room. I was a little apprehensive, but they took care of everything. Thanks.

by Anonymous on Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio
Great customer service even after the sale

A lot of companies are good at sales, but the true test of great company can only be evaluated after the fact, sometimes years later. How do they handle issues from former customers, even when there is little money to be made by doing so? Today I learned that Vienna Hot Tubs is one of those great companies. If you review every major purchase like I do, you already know that Charlie knows everything there is to know about hot tubs (his name rightfully appears in just about every review). But today my encounter was with Tim, the gentleman charged with fixing things (even when the fixing is necessary because the owner is a knucklehead). I knew I had made a wise choice a couple of years ago when I purchased my hot tub from Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio. Today that was confirmed (again). Thanks Tim.

by Anonymous on Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio
Very Helpful

Charlie was very knowledgeable, patient, honest and walked me through the entire hot tub set up and maintenance process. I look forward to doing business with this establishment for a long time.

by Anonymous on Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio
Great Service

As a complete newcomer to the world of hot tubs these guys were extremely helpful and patient in walking me through the process of upkeep and maintenance. What a relief to know that there is such a great and friendly resource to rely upon in the future. Highly recommend.

by Anonymous on Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio
Superior Service

I had an excellent experience with this store. Charlie patiently explained everything I needed to know in order to get my hot tub up and running. He made it simple and easy to understand and discouraged me from making unnecessary purchases. I wish I had found Vienna Hot Tubs sooner.

by Anonymous on Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio
Great Service

We recently bought a Tropical Seas spa from Vienna Hot Tub and Patio. We were very impressed with to service and availability of the staff. They provide a great training class to teach how to take casre of the hot tub which is wonderful.

by Anonymous on Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio
Great products and service!

We just bought our second Sundance spa, highly recommend the brand. We bought ours in December, delivered in January, and now enjoying it as the snow comes in. The chemical process is much easier than before, very easy to maintain. While we bought the same brand and model as before, one of the control settings was different. They helped us sort it out over the phone, very easy. And the delivery guys were great, they arrived early, helped me get the electric conduit in the right hole, and set the tub into place. Really appreciate the extra effort by all the staff. You can't go wrong with Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio and Sundance!

by Anonymous on Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio
Over the Top Customer Service

Having no experience with hot tubs I was a little naive. David was excellent at getting me exactly what I was looking for in my price range. I felt very confident without being persuaded. They handled 100% of installation including deck reinforcement while recommending the best electrician. Using their recommended electrician was the best decision, they work great as a team together. Charlie is excellent to work with. Everything from sale to installation was beyond my expectations. Highly recommend!

by Anonymous on Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio
Great Service!

We purchased our Sundance almost 2 years ago. The entire experience was great. Very knowledgeable team- and a great product. Charlie was there for the installation and has been a fantastic source of information ever since. We are very pleased with the Spa an use it ALL THE TIME. I absolutely recommend this location- and ask for Charlie!

by Anonymous on Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio
Great Experience

Had a great experience at Vienna Hot Tub and Patio. Charlie patiently explained all the models and features to us until we chose the hot tub that was right for our family. Installation was expertly done with the right amount of follow-up. Charlie's class on hot tub maintenance was terrific, and we'll probably go a 2nd time. He and David are always friendly and accommodating. So, overall this was a five-star experience, and I'd recommend this store and these great people to anyone.

by Anonymous on Vienna Hot Tubs & Patio
Great Customer Service

I can't say how much I appreciate going to their store for help. They actually gave me so many great advises. Always with a smile. I definitely recommend them.

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